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Team Thoroughbreds Could Benefit from NSW Prize Money Increase!

Written on the 9 September 2016

Good news for the racing industry with the announcement by Racing NSW chairman, John Messara that they will be upping the prize money on a standard Sydney Saturday race to $100,000, from 1st October. This will be the centrepiece jewel with prize money increasing across the board in NSW. The prize money is an 18% increase with Victoria still lagging behind at $85,000. With this move galloping into the Spring Carnival in NSW, it will be interesting to see if the stakes are increased in other states, including Queensland.

With Tony Gollan's stables now ready in Sydney, an even sweeter carrot has now been dangled for those fortunate enough to have horses race there. The advantage of having stables in Sydney means the horses chosen have time to get settled in nicely before they run.

We at Team Thoroughbreds couldn't be happier for the owners of Love Conquers All X Jessica's Hope and Stryker X Absolute Harmony. Apart from the higher stakes, this gives us more options. For example, if Brisbane has been raining and our horses are more suited to the drier conditions and vice versa. Not that this takes us away from the thrill of Queensland Racing, but it does give us more opportunities.

With the heavy rain they've experienced in Sydney during September, and the busyness of the Spring Carnival, Tony isn't in a hurry to move horses. He hopes to see more happening around October, November, through to December and January. He wants to make sure he chooses the right horses for the right races, allowing for them to be the most competitive.

Tony has some Queensland based, Sydney owned 2yo's, 3 colts and a filly, that had some 1st jump outs and could be earmarked for a trip to Sydney, shortly.

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Authorised Representative
(AR 001 272 774) under the TTSC's AFSL (288-213)