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Qld Racecourse Flood Damage Worse Than Expected!

Written on the 24 April 2017

We're all aware of the massive damage Cyclone Debbie created in Queensland late March, early April, which affected racetracks. But damage to two of Queensland's major provincial racetracks is worse than first thought.

Racing Queensland chief executive Eliot Forbes visited the Rockhampton and Beaudesert racetracks and estimates the damage combined to be at least $1.5 million.

The worse damage has been to the Beaudesert track with the damage bill expected to be more than $1 million.

Due to the damage, the club has lost its biggest race day of the year - the Anzac Day meeting which has been switched to Gatton.

"It's not until you see the extent of the damage first-hand that you can appreciate the scope and the magnitude of what has happened at Beaudesert and the task ahead for them," Forbes said.

The Rockhampton track was also severely damaged after the Fitzroy River swamped the track and buildings at Callaghan Park. The damage is expected to be at least $300,000.

"The Rockhampton Jockey Club and all its supporters have done a magnificent job. In just over a week they have 75 horses back on their small training track and they should be racing on the course proper on May 6," Forbes said.

(Photo: Rockhampton Racetrack - Photo Source: Twitter)


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Authorised Representative
(AR 001 272 774) under the TTSC's AFSL (288-213)